Web Links

Below is a list of web links that may be helpful.

Westech Systems

  • Located in British Columbia Canada, Westech implements and supports the TechniClean and SA Audit systems and processes. 
  • westechinc.com

Palm Desktop for Windows

Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine

  • Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine is an excellent resource for the industry. 
  • cmmonline.com

UMPC and Microsoft Vista

  • Microsoft has incorporated support for the UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) within Windows Vista.  We will be developing compatibility for these devices with our TechniClean and SA Audit applications in the near future. 
  • microsoft.com

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

  • If you are having problems with windows installer looking for old installations in outdated locations, this could help resolve the issue. 
  • microsoft.com

Windows Update


  • A site that hosts lots of css templates to make other websites look better (like this one). 
  • freecsstemplates.org


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