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QH Technologies was established in 1994 and has worked with numerous companies developing systems tailored specifically to their facility needs. We offer software and services to assist in managing medium to large size housekeeping departments, and complete automated auditing solutions.

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Staffing Analysis  
The methodologies of Q. H. Technologies are designed to assist the managers of a facility in determining what its housekeeping staffing level should be, based on each facility's unique physical characteristics and cleaning requirements.
Q. H. Technologies recognizes that all housekeeping systems, in all facilities, are unique. Differences in the environment, functions, materials, equipment, dirt load, occupancy, traffic, customers, work methods and schedules, as well as the size and layout of the facility and the desired cleaning levels, all contribute to making each system different.
We have developed analytical methods to accurately evaluate the cleaning requirements of a facility, based upon virtually all of the controllable characteristics. The TechniClean system provides management and supervision with a formalized program utilizing recognized management techniques for planning work assignments and controlling the work flow to the employee.
The objectives of the methodologies are as follows:
  • Produce the highest quality results per housekeeping dollar.
  • Provide a tool for the analysis of the housekeeping activities of a facility, utilizing advanced state-of-the-art technology.
  • Provide facility administration and supervision with information for improving housekeeping manpower budgets and staffing reports.
  • Evaluate present staffing levels in relation to the level of housekeeping desired.
  • Apply guidelines for staff adjustments resulting from actual or anticipated changes in workload factors (equipment, layout, etc.).
  • Provide accurate and objective information to support analysis, staffing level recommendations, and employee workloads.
  • Develop balanced workloads based upon the unique characteristics of each area to be cleaned, and the methods, equipment, and materials in actual use.  All cleaning time is based on national housekeeping time studies.
  • Respond to the specific and individual needs of each client.
You can purchase our program and training to complete the staffing analysis on your own, or we can provide this service in one of three ways:
  • First we would utilize our experience, software and historical data to provide a unitized approach based on area types and cleaning specifications.
  • Second is a more detailed approach where we would identify each unique area of your facility that requires cleaning and assign a unitized inventory to each area and then apply cleaning tasks and frequencies that represent your requirements.
  • Third, a complete inventory and analysis that represents exactly what is to be cleaned and the tasks and frequencies you require.
With several auditing packages available, we can help you implement a full audit solution or automate an existing one.  We offer Windows based software that can be loaded on any Windows 2000, XP or Vista based PC, or web based audit packages that can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.  All of our audit solutions support both automatically generated paper audit forms and Pocket PC / Palm handheld devices.  Custom integration with any of your existing mobile hardware can also be achieved.
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